The benefits of Calistair mobile solutions

  • Mobile, economic and easy to deploy (no work needed).
  • Traps and destroys microbiological and particulate contaminants (VOC).
  • Flow rates up to 4000 m³/h.
  • Based on the principle of Air Handling Units (AHU), they bring controlled atmosphere areas up to ISO 5 compliance according to standard NF S90-351.
  • Control of airborne risks.
  • Containment of the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Proven, recognised effectiveness in the treatment of odours.
  • Energy-efficient technology generating very low sound levels.
  • Robust and easy to clean.
  • Traceability, automated management and performance analysis by integrated PLCs.

Our commitments

  • After a diagnostic phase we help you choose the right solution for your application.
  • We help you implement best practices to improve air quality and train you in the use of our equipment once it is deployed on your site.
  • We maintain and monitor the equipment and, in the event of problems, provide on-site assistance within a maximum of 72 hours through our after-sales service.
  • All our products are guaranteed for two years for parts and labour and we offer long-term maintenance contracts in combination with extended warranties.
  • Our solutions are available for sale and for short-, medium- and long-term rental. We are therefore able to respond to unforeseen events and emergencies within 48 hours if necessary.