Hospital sector

Calistair solutions satisfy the most stringent standards currently in force in the hospital sector such as ISO 14644 and NFS 90-351. They trap and destroy microbiological, particulate and chemical (VOC) contaminants and achieve particulate cleanliness classes ISO 8 to 5 and risk classes 2 to 4.

Our solutions ensure airborne risks such as exposure to Aspergillus spores are controlled, thus protecting patients and hospital staff from nosocomial infections and the risk of pandemics and epidemics (flu, etc.).

Calistair mobile air handling units are easy to deploy and designed to handle flows of up to 4000 m3/h. They can also manage pressure in the areas to be treated.

Another feature of our technology is its remarkable acoustic performance which is particularly appreciated by patients and healthcare professionals alike. Sound performance can achieve less than 20 dB depending on the layout of the rooms to be treated.

Examples of sectors using our equipment:

Life-support: Neonatal, infectious patients

Hospital patients’ rooms: Haematology, post-transplant

Sterilisation rooms: Endoscope disinfection

Laboratories: Anatomical pathology, IVF

Operating theatres: Surgery, pre- and post-operative care rooms

Other: Victims of severe burns, orthopaedics, surgery, interventional imagery, storage

As shown in this video, our air handling and purification systems can be used in many forms and in different contexts.