Calistair : a French startup with international ambitions

Born from a fusion of skills in the field of air treatment, Calistair employs a team of specialists and researchers who are experts in issues linked to air contamination.

With several decades of experience, Calistair has developed a range of modular, compact solutions based on non-thermal catalysis, an innovative technology ideally suited to the improvement of air classification in class 2, 3 and 4 risk zones according to the requirements of standard NF S 90-351 and the treatment of gaseous chemical pollutants.

Supported by partners, Calistair dedicates a considerable share of its efforts and budget to R&D (Research and Development) activities.

Made in France, our solutions are systematically validated by recognised institutes.
To date, we are proud to have over 70 reputed healthcare establishments and laboratories among our customers.


Creation of the company

Development and integration of non-thermal catalysis technology into the R4000


First University Hospital references

Entry of Pléiade Investissements and El Camino into the capital


Design of the R2000 mobile unit

Over 50 units placed in university hospitals and zone 3/4 ISO 7/5 clean rooms


The Näder family, Ottobock Group, increases its investment in the capital of the company

First references outside the hospital sector (laboratories)