Your inspiration – Our purification

Calistair designs and manufactures innovative air decontamination solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Calistair non-thermal catalysis technology destroys and traps airborne micro-contaminants.


The design of our solutions is based on innovative technology we have developed and optimised – non-thermal catalysis. They satisfy needs for decontamination and destruction of particle, microbiological and chemical pollutants in accordance with the regulations currently applicable:

  • Standards EN 1886 and NF B44-200 relative to the design and performances of air handling units,

  • Bringing clean rooms, controlled environments and sensitive living spaces into compliance with standards ISO 14644 and NF S90-351 which govern the requirements relative to the control of airborne contaminants.

Our technology achieves particulate cleanliness classes ISO 8 to 5 and risk classes 2 to 4 required in a hospital environment according to standards ISO 14644 and NF S90-351.

Calistair mobile air handling units help you combat pathogenic micro-organisms and chemical pollutants with an effectiveness of up to 99.995% depending on the type of contaminant.

Acetic acid

Our mobile air handling solutions can achieve flow rates of up to 4,000 m³/h and are appreciated for their ease of use, acoustic comfort and easy maintenance. Their efficiency is recognised in many sectors:

Health sector
Agri-food industry
Early childhood
Retirement homes (nursing homes)
Destruction of microbiological and chemical pollutants
Control of airborne risks
Protection against contagious diseases
Odour treatment
Air purification